Custom Design of a New Product

The first step in starting a new electronic product design is to create a document that contains a list of all of the product specifications and product features.  The specification should include the user controls,  buttons and display and how they will interact with the user.  Simple hand drawings and photos, if available, are also useful to indicate how the device might look as well as the locations of the controls,, switches, displays and I/O connectors.  

Flowcharts are also helpful to indicate how the new product will operate.  A typical buy accutane pharmacy no rx online pharmacy specification can be several pages long.  We can certainly help you develop this document. Once this document is complete, then we are able to examine the complete levitra scope of the product design and provide you with an accurate price quote for the development and prototyping. 

Feel free to give Hoag Electronics a call anytime.  One of our Electronic Design Contract Engineers will be happy to discuss your project and see how we can best help you with your project.

-Tom Hoag, President, Hoag Electronics, Inc.


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